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My iPod Mini with a custom icon
It didn't kill my iPod Mini :)


The current version is 0.3.6.

Bitmap problem with 0.3.4 on PPC

A bug in ipodedit prevented the bitmaps on the 5G or nano (whatever is) iPod from loading on a PPC machine. This has been fixed in 0.3.5.

I've also been told that iPodIcons can't see 5G iPods on PPC. I don't have a 5G iPod so I can't test this. I used the firmware from the updater to diagnose the problem with ipodedit.

-- LincolnRamsay - 25 April 2006

I no longer have an iPod with a screen

I have upgraded to an iPod Shuffle so my motivation to continue work on iPodIcons is somewhat lacking. Apart from making sure iPodIcons works with Qt 3.3.5, I'm not planning on doing anything else with it. If you are interested in becoming the maintainer of this project, please email me.

-- LincolnRamsay - 13 Sep 2005

iPodIcons aims to be a visual resource maanager for the iPod (ie. a GUI wrapper around ipodedit). It currently handles icons and text (but the interface for text is crappy).

iPodIcons makes use of ipodedit. See for more information about ipodedit.

iPodIcons is ALPHA quality software. I have used it to replace icons on my own iPod but I can't guarantee that your iPod won't die, become possessed or even explode!

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