How do I report a bug/request a feature/submit a patch?

Send me email via sourceforge (a1291762@users.sourceforge.net).

What's up with the "text" screen?

It's not immediately obvious how to edit text... You click on some text and it turns into an edit box. You can then change the text that's there but you can't change the size of the text so make sure you count your characters.

Yes this interface sucks. It's on my list of things to do for the next major release.

There may be bogus characters in the text. This is not my fault, I'm just showing you what ipodedit gives me. I don't think there's a proper way to identify text in the firmware so I'm supprised this works at all.

I think something went wrong. How can I be sure?

Error messages from ipodedit are sent to the Console on Mac OS X and stdout on other platforms. If you want to be sure your exported firmware is ok, import it again and check that the resources appear correctly.

How to I edit .pgm/.ppm files?

I use Gimp.app 1.2.5 but most image editing programs can probably read the files.

Here's some Mac OS X programs:

My new icon doesn't appear (first gen iPod)

Jon.Erickson wrote:
> I import icon. It changes it in ipodIcons. I export firmware. And
> nothing changes. So I imported firmware from my ipod and ipodicons
> shows that my icon is still changed. I try exporting once again.
> Still nothing changes.

Hmm... boot*.pgm files (You can see what a file is called by clicking on it and looking at the status bar) come from the bootloader. The real bootloader isn't on the hard disk so you can't just write the firmware and have the images appear. A "software restore" should cause the bootloader to be re-written (it does for my iPod mini). Save the firmware to the "iPod Updater" application (even better, make a copy first and update that one). My "iPod Updater" app called the first gen file "Firmware-1.1.4". Once you've saved the firmware, run the program and do a "software restore" on your iPod.

Note: "Software restore" will erase your iPod's hard disk so be sure that your music/files are backed up before doing this.

Update: This doesn't work. The author of ipodedit has some clues about how to make this work but needs someone with a first gen iPod to do some testing. Email me if you've got a first gen iPod and want to get this working.